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The ever smiling, mischievous dolphins will put on a show while some of the oldest and the largest sea creatures, the humpback and the blue whales, will nonchalantly  glide past you, when you embark on a whale/ dolphin watching excursion off the Southern, Eastern or the West coast of Sri Lanka. The ideal locations for whale watching would be Dondra Point (accessible from Galle, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa) and Trincomalee while the sea off Kalpitiya teems with an abundance of dolphins.

Turtle Hatchery_vacasia_Sri Lanka_afz_aqil

The turtles are one of the rare species found in the world. As far as turtles concerned, they are the top on the endangered list all around the world. There are all together seven turtle species have listed up to now, such as green turtle, hawks bill turtle, Oliver twist turtle, leather back turtle, kemp’s ridly, and flat back. But five of these are presenting in srilanka coastal area.

Boat Safari_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Boat riding is a very enjoyable activity to do when you are in Sri Lanka. It gives you an insight to the life of the people living along the river bank and also a chance to see the unique growth of plantation and the bio diversity integrated around the river region.

Royal Botanical Garden_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya is about 5.5 km to the west from the city of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It attracts 2 million visitors annually. It is near the Mahaweli River. It is renowned for its collection of orchids.

Ayurvedic_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Sri Lanka most popular method used to restore and rejuvenate tired bodies and weary souls has been Ayurveda – the oldest and most holistic medical system available in the world

spices_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Sri Lanka is famous for its spices and spices gardens. These spice gardens offers tourists memorable visits to various spice plantations in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Safari_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Going for an elephant safari in Sri Lanka is an experience in itself. Elephant safaris involve a lot of thrill and adventure as one can view wildlife while riding on an elephant’s back.

Village Safari_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

trip takes you through villages for you get an idea and experience the rural village life in Sri Lanka. Going through paddy fields, coconut plantation and traditional vegetable farming fields to a rural village house to enjoy

Pinnawala_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is an orphanage, nursery and captive breeding ground for wild Asian elephants located at Pinnawala village, 13 km northeast of Kegalle town in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka.

Udawalawe Transit Home_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home is a refuge for baby elephants, the majority of which have been affected by the tragic elephant – human conflict (when mothers are often separated from their young or even killed).  This incredible project provides food, medical care, and anything else a baby elephant needs.

Trains_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

This journey offers spectacular hill – country views as the train winds its way past gushing waterfalls and through neatly – clipped tea estates.There is also a useful train line for tourists travelling along the south coast from Colombo to Matara which stops in Bentota and Galle.

Ethnic People & Races_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

Many tourists like to discover indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Vedda has original language. It is called as Vedda language it is different from Sinhala language

Shopping_Vacasia Lanka_afz_aqil

From Arab settlers in the 8th century to the Portuguese, Dutch and the British up until the 20th century have all fought over Sri Lanka’s treasures including precious gems, scented woods, spices, and tea.